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We believe we offer a good sampling of the finest manufacturers in high-end audio today. We understand audio, and the pursue of high fidelity, is a hobby, and so we only deal with designers and manufacturers that respect that, and build only quality, trouble-free products, that not only provide exceptional results, but also at an honest price point.
As such, we limit our selection to manufacturers with a solid track record in the industry, as well as the resources required to thrive in this competitive market.

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We’re located in beautiful, sunny La Jolla, California, in the Bird Rock section of town, just two blocks from the sea! Each one of our six carefully configured rooms should be able to provide you more than a glimpse of what these fantastic audio equipments are capable, so you can imagine them in your home! For intimate listening, we have the Personal Audio corner, with a system setup for headphone use.
We don’t pretend to know it all, but we try to have in-depth knowledge of the products we sell. We also understand no two individuals are the same, specially when it comes to music, and most importantly, hearing perception. We aim to know your preferences, for music and audio, and given a budget, provide the best products. With time, we’ve learned that a good review does not make a product suitable for your system.
Music has been in our life from an early age, and our staff is well versed in different topics. Want help with your turntable? Need to set up a new cartridge? We can help? And how about digital? Puzzled by all the new acronyms, PCM, DSD, UPNP, etc.? We can help decode and simplify them!

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Without music, the best equipment is meaningless. This is why we have a fully stocked record store on the premises, with over 2.000 LPs in stock, both old and new, in a wide variety of genres.

we are exclusive audiopax north american distributor.

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With years of experience in the high-end audio market, It’s part of our core beliefs to provide excellent service, both before and after the sale. And don’t let that pesky word “sale” get in the way, as we also have offerings designed to help you get the most out of your existing system or expand its capabilities. Other than the services listed below, we can also help with room design, structured wiring and installation, wired and wireless networks, whole-home audio systems, and solutions to the ever-present need to conceal parts of your system for reasons of aesthetics or safety.

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